Google Chrome Dino game celebration

In celebrating its two decades on the Internet this month (September 2018), Google analyzes the products it has rolled out over the years. Moreover, the Google Chrome browser clocked 10 this year and had some sweet surprises for its users.

You can now take advantage of the power of Google even when you are offline with the T-Rex game. Just launch the Chrome browser when your computer is offline, and the dinosaur game will appear on the screen. To play the game on PC, tap on the spacebar, while mobile users can tap anywhere on the screen to start playing.

Chrome dino game anniversary edition

Chrome is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is already partying with cakes and balloons along with its T-Rex Dino that is having a blast! Check out the T-Rex changing outfit with a blue hat in the daytime and a red hat at night! The anniversary edition of the game will only be available for the next 30 days following Chrome’s birthday.

The Makers of Chrome Dino

Google revealed in the blog post that the offline game has been created four years back. Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel and Alan Bettes, who are members of the design team, are the brains behind the small but captivating game.

The concept behind the Chrome Dino game

The game setting shows that it aims to retrospect the medieval times when there is no Internet. The game is set in a desert filled with birds, cacti and rock where the T-Rex is compelled to duck and jump while moving around. The blog post revealed that the creators considered adding a roaring dino to the game but ditched the idea along the line.

The Global Acceptance of the Chrome Dino

Google revealed that Chrome users around the world play the Dino offline game about 270 million times every month on desktops and mobile devices. As you would expect, the highest number of users are from nations where the internet connectivity is erratic. The countries include Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Mexico.

More Interesting Facts

A surprising fact is that the game is designed to run for 17 million years. Apparently, this is the longest-running game on earth, and it is evident that no player can complete the gameplay. However, the duration is significant as it reflects the existence of the T-Rex on earth.

The Chrome Dino Arcade Mode

Do you want to play the Chrome Dino game without turning off your internet? Just navigate to chrome://dino. You can also get access to the arcade mode of the game from the URL

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