What’s your high score in the game?

The answers below are from regular players of the site https://t-rex-game.com

Alex Stone
Up to this point I’ve managed to get to 7321.
I was talking to my girlfriend one day, and it was getting a bit old with her chattering about her friends, while I had an exam the next day that I needed to study for. To make it even worse, the WiFi was down.

That’s when I decided to pass some time playing T-Rex, and got the high score of all time. My main trick is to time the jumps so that you barely manage to clear the obstacle, otherwise there’s no time to prepare for the next jump. So, jump early and keep your attention on the T-Rex, not other obstacles, like trees.

Bob Brown
Over 2200. When the speed becomes lightning fast, you do have to be more alert, but it’s very easy for the points at the back. Imagine that the trees are coming at you, rather than you are moving towards them.

Once again – jump early. Don’t wait for the bullet to come near you, but make your move way in advance, so even if the next bullet is right there, you’ll still have time to escape it. Just keep doing it again and again, and you’ll be alright.
This game will eat up your free time, but it’s fun – go for it.

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